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Reiki Shares are held in Chadwell heath, Romford and take place on the first Sunday of the month, subject to change. 

My next Reiki share will be held on:

3 February 2019

Reiki Share It's a wonderful way of meeting other Practitioners, Reiki students, Teacher

and those interested in finding out about Reiki.

Reiki share is for everyone attending to both give and receive Reiki healing in supportive and loving environment.  If you are new to Reiki and in the process of finding out whether it is for you, please feel free to attend and see if it is for you. 


Reiki shares are a wonderful way of receiving treatment with powerful effects of healing.  Additionally Reiki shares are a nice comfortable way to meet other like-minded people and discuss experiences of using, receiving and training in Reiki. 

I have returned to Reiki after some considerable time off travelling around South East Asia which I used to extent my holistic experiences.   I know that participating in Reiki Shares Is it wonderful, relaxing and healing experience that benefits individuals as well as the whole group.  Further to giving Reiki to each other, should there be time left we can send love and light to those causes which currently need much healing such as for sick and unwell family members, friends as well as natural or man-made disasters.

What happens at a Reiki Share? 

Based on my previous experience there are usually between four and six people giving Reiki to one person lying on the massage bed waiting to receive Reiki healing.  Depending on the number of people attending the available time will be divided by the number of participants.  It is anticipated that everybody will receive a minimum of at least 10 minutes of Reiki healing. Once the first person has received Reiki It is the next person's turn to relax and lie on the massage bed receiving their healing.  These rotations continue on until everyone in attendance has received their healing.  Reiki shares are particularly beneficial For those new to Reiki to build their confidence in giving treatments and for those who have little or no experience of using Reiki.


How often are they? 

I hold Reiki shares once per month and anticipate to use this group as an ongoing contact and support.  


How long do they last?

I anticipate that the monthly group will run from 11-3pm to start with.  The exact time dependents on how many people are able to attend the monthly Reiki share meet up group.  There should also always be time for discussion at the beginning and at the end of the healing experience. 


Contribution are on a voluntary basis 




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